Awareness, Connection, Mindfulness

About our Board Members

The Live Your True Life Foundation Board is comprised of community leaders, outstanding educators, and premiere business leaders who understand the needs of today’s youth and want to actively participate in helping us fulfill our mission. If you would like to learn more about serving on our Board of Directors, please visit our contact page.

Ashley Berges

Ashley Berges is the founder and CEO of Live Your True Life Foundation. Ashley has dedicated her life to searching, advocating, and offering a powerful and practical perspective for people to live a more rewarding life. She helps individuals identify their true selves. Ashley is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Live Your True Life Perspectives.

Live Your True Life Perspectives has been on the radio since 2012 and can be heard on USA Radio and Westwood One. Ashley discusses topics such as relationships, psychology, mindfulness, self-worth, and the list goes on. Perspectives is also a worldwide recognized podcast. The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and Spreaker amongst others. Ashley is the host of The Celebrity Perspectives on Amazon Prime. She engages with amazing celebrities while they are being honest and true about themselves, how they feel, and what they want from life. Ashley is the Live your True Life Coach, Toxic Relationship to Divine Identity Coach. Her latest book is The 10 Day Challenge to Live your True Life. The 10 Day Challenge is a lifetime guidebook to making the most out of your life, understanding your pure identity, and becoming the best version of yourself.

Throughout Ashley’s lifetime of work, she has realized the value of working with children. Ashley believes that it is vital to children’s development to help them see their value, develop a better understanding of their feelings and emotions, and understand the value of animals, friends, family, the planet, and the world around them. She feels that many of her clients would be in a different place if, between the ages of 6-10, they had been shown how to evaluate thoughts, process emotions, and work on being mindful. Ashley feels very strongly that in the last few years, especially throughout COVID, we needed and continue to need connections to others and connections to ourselves.

After years of wanting to begin a non-profit, Ashley was able to start, the Live Your True Life Foundation. Live your True Life Foundation is the vehicle to help encourage and motivate children to connect to their feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Ashley believes that helping positively shape a child’s future is a duty we all need to perform.  She is happy to fulfill her duty with others who believe, care, and dedicate their time to empowering children for the future.

Dana Cornell

Dana Cornell is a Certified Investment Management Analyst and Certified Financial Planner, whose passion is to take the uncertainty out of investing and provide consistent returns his clients can count on. 

Dana has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, and Cornell Capital was born out of a need recognized to truly create consistent, predictable income and wealth creation.

Scott Voelkel

Scott has thirty years of management experience. Scott works in real estate, owns his own brokerage house, and manages family trusts. Scott established and funded a working ranch for men and women ages 21-29. The main goal of the ranch is to help young adults overcome self-sabotaging behaviors. Scott was instrumental in developing life skills and trade programs for the residents of the ranch. He helped implement teaching and skill sets essential for gainful employment and a successful future when the residents leave the ranch.

In his free time, Scott enjoys cooking and boating.

Rhonda Wasserman

Rhonda has been helping children reach their highest potential for as long as she can remember through her work as an educator. She has spent many years both in and out of the classroom working with children. For the last two years, Rhonda has been working with Ashley Berges and her staff to help people overcome their adversities and begin to live their true lives.

Rhonda grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education from West Chester University, and a Master’s in Education, with an emphasis in reading, from St Joseph’s University.

Rhonda lives with her husband, two sons, and her dog Roxy, in Pennsylvania.