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We Want You!

Join the Live Your True Life mission.

Explore the many opportunities available and become a valuable part of the foundation, which focuses on empowering children through lifelong learning and mindfulness. Your involvement helps us in our mission to spread this important message.

Get Involved

Get involved and help us plan and execute upcoming events. Organizing and planning events is vital to the work we do. Our fundraising events bring awareness and donations to our mission. Fundraising events are helpful for volunteers to engage in the organization and to meet others who share in the mission to help children and ultimately create a healthier and happier world. We value your involvement and appreciate the time you dedicate to the Live Your True Life Foundation. Your time, talent, and benefaction are necessary for the vitality and survival of the mission. We believe in the youth of today, they need our guidance to help them thrive and become the leaders of tomorrow. We have the power to encourage and strengthen our youth and with your help, we can provide these tools to all children.


We are always seeking curriculum to enhance our program. If you have valuable content in the form of books, programs, or knowledge that fits our teachings, we are eager to learn more about it. Please do not hesitate to share your insights with us.

We are interested in activities that enrich the children’s learning experience, such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, and more to enhance their awareness and life connection. We appreciate your specialized knowledge and guidance on how to incorporate your work into our program. We know that you care about the future of our youth, the future of our civilization, and the future of the planet, let’s work together for positive mindful change.

Raise Awareness and Spread the Word

Raising awareness and spreading the word is vital to our work. The more people know the more they can get involved. We want our curriculum to be a powerful movement for children to become empowered, to become aware of their value, and ultimately what they bring to this world. If you are interested in helping us expand our program into your school district or community center we appreciate your input and support.

Social media awareness is key to spreading the word and raising awareness. We use social media to express what matters most to us and we are grateful for social media exposure to your friends and family. It takes a village, we are a grassroots organization that depends on our tribe to get the word out so others can be aware, get involved, and positively connect with as many lives as possible. Children around the nation will be able to comprehend, absorb, and adopt mindfulness as a new way of life with the support of the Live Your True Life Foundation’s curriculum.

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